Saturday, 28 February 2009


After my comments about gollywogs, what add appears on the blog...
Golly Badges
The best Golly Badge Shop Ever badge available

Oh dear...
Oh the Irony...

If it obviously responds to what is written I'll try this...

Free Porsche to the author of the Feel Like An Eskimo Blog...

Cosmic ordering my a**e.

Bono in trouble for saying w****r.
Doesn't he say that in their episode on The Simpsons and that can be shown anytime?
Don't be so fussy Radio One...This is getting silly...Who but The Daily Mail really care?

Made I Laugh

Monday, 23 February 2009

Clear as Spin

Just to clarify - the annoying moving thing - relates to that Labour claims that 'waiting lists are down by 614,000 since 1997. Most patients are now waiting less than 13 weeks, and by the end of this year nobody will wait more than 18 weeks for treatment.'

Fantastic Fiction

Thought I'd mention, pay tribute, to a web to a website a often visit..
It has bibliographies for over 20,000 authors and information on over 270,000 books and its British.

Saturday, 7 February 2009


The Daily Mail seems to think Gollywog is not offensive.
How come I am offended?
If you were brought up on Seventies sitcoms, like 'Love Thy Neighbour' or variety shows like 'The Black & White Minstrels' then I guess in your world its OK. But really, in 2009.
Carol Thatcher is just demonstrating her own upbringing, I can certainly imagine Denis saying that, and I prefer not to imagine the evil bitch mother of hers at all so I won't. Bring on a state funeral, lets not have a headstone, a urinal will do, so we can all piss on her grave.
Anyway my point is... consign them to a museum, the gollywog I mean, not the Thatchers.