Friday, 21 August 2009

Tonight is an investigation with PP Paranormal - tonight a private house as usual I know nothing of the destination.


Headed for a bath - time on burglar alarm 11:11

Thursday, 13 August 2009

I am not the centre of the Universe
no force, no pull have I.
If you see me smile
please, not words no speak.

I cannot tell your fortune,
only feel your pain.

No sun ever shines in my world,
just clouds of black and grey.

I'll find myself invisible
upon that judgement day.

If you see a teardrop,
it's not for me I cry,
for you may taste the salt,
but the water will drift away.

Do not waste your colours,
your canvass or your oils,
paint me in the dust I leave
and let me waste away.

You tell me to be positive,
strong and to believe,
that I am unique and beautiful
with passion and desire
but the light that glows inside of me
fades faster with the hour.

Look for me at Heaven's gate,
you'll see me waiting there,
I'll be covered in rags of old,
to prick your conscience gleefully
as you wear your cloth of gold.